Many of those who wanted the flag changed believed their opponents were hardened segregationists. And a boy who once would have grown up in Virginia as a slave instead would become the first black man to win Wimbledon and an inspiration to millions. Sculptures and other monuments. Roads must fall Britain’s bureaucrats prepare to tear down statues. These aren't protests. I know, because I lived through a particularly raucous instalment when I was growing up in the southern state of Georgia, once the site of some of the Civil War’s bloodiest battles. By Chip Le Grand. I think a statue is a bid for immortality. By Marty Johnson - 06/20/20 08:22 AM EDT . From The Detail, 5:00 am on 17 June 2020. A crowd of protesters gathered around a statue of George Washington in Portland, Oregon, on Thursday night and lit a fire on its head before pulling it to the ground. They sold antiquities that they stole from the museum of Palmyra in order to conduct war. It’s not the statues themselves but the point of view that they represent. Newer arrivals, not to mention many blacks, viewed the old flag as honoring the Confederate States of America, a wicked institution that was established to defend the inhumane practice of human bondage. Jackson was a … (CNN) A protester climbed up and wrapped a strap around the neck of a statue on a Confederate monument in North Carolina and pulled it down. “It’s not the behavior of a political movement. written by Zaid Jilani. And think about all of the amazing sites of African-American history or Native American history that are disintegrating from lack of funding and think those dollars could be better spent elsewhere. In the aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the widespread spirit of protest has expanded to a wide array of cultural symbols—ranging from statues of Columbus to the movie Gone With The Wind. Tearing Down Statues Won’t Solve Them. The stupidity of tearing down statues A person with a sign protesting 'British History Matters' alongside the statue of Robert Baden-Powell on Poole Quay in Dorset. Unfortunately, both sides are quick to caricature their opponents whenever this debate flares up. We asked an art historian who studies the destruction of cultural heritage. Students discuss the purpose of monuments honoring historical figures. e-mail; 43 shares. Published: 21:16 EST, 10 June 2020 | Updated: 21:16 EST, 10 June 2020 . As critics of Churchill are quick to remind us, the former British prime minister supported the use of chemical weapons against rebellious Kurds and Afghans (though whether he advocated for the use of lethal gas is a subject of historical dispute). June 13, 2020 — 12.01am. Efforts to tear one of the statues down began around 8.20pm but the rope protesters were using snapped, The Virginian-Pilot reported. But the same wasn’t true for the friends and neighbors I knew who owned Confederate flags. Left-wing activist Shaun King tweeted Monday all statues of Jesus that portray him as a “white European” should be torn down because they are “a form of white supremacy.” “Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down,” wrote King, a self-described black man whose family says he is white. Agence France-Presse / 12:40 PM June 15, 2020. Hundreds showed up to tear down the statues in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park on Juneteenth, a celebration of the end of slavery in the US. Which we know because when people attack statues, they attack the parts that would be vulnerable on a human being. Task Player. But it has accelerated over the last two weeks. Visit Monument Avenue in Richmond, VA, for instance, and you will see statues memorializing Virginian Confederates from the Civil War, including Robert E. Lee, J.E.B. Lea Ypi. Select from premium Tearing Down Statue of the highest quality. But this is a very ahistorical point of view. ISIS was destroying monuments of a tolerant past in order to achieve a future of violence and hate. Richard might also have pointed out that no less an authority on these issues than Jimmy Carter opposed the tearing down of statues in the Deep South. “What we fly today is not an enduring symbol of our heritage, but the fighting flag of those who wanted to preserve a segregated South in the face of the civil rights movement,” he argued, noting that the flag had been adopted at a time when the South was gearing up to oppose federal integration efforts. It was called decommunization. Tear them down, behead them, spit on them? Tweet on Twitter. Even Barack Obama—often described as the most liberal president in American history—was measured about his approach. In Washington, D.C., and Raleigh, North Carolina, it was another night of tearing down Confederate statues. Home Secretary Priti Patel called the tearing down of the statue "utterly disgraceful", adding that "it speaks to the acts of public disorder that have become a … US President Donald Trump denounced "angry mobs" who are "trying to tear down statues of our founders", in a speech marking 4 July celebrations at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. Tearing the statues down would be akin to denying the existence of the prejudices held by the figures represented. He was a slave owner too, before the Civil War. And these are statues in public places, right? Useful expressions for debates are included. And, if it belongs to a government, then the decision needs to be made by those government officials." So it feels very good in a way that is potentially problematic. While this debate was sparked by the unlawful tearing down of Colston's statue in Bristol, that’s not how I believe these decisions should be made again. 1. Stories of battlefield defeats, scorched-earth tactics, and the humiliation accompanying Atlanta’s destruction created a narrative of victimization that was passed down from one generation to the next. Confederate statues and statues of other historical figures, including slave traders and Christopher Columbus, are being toppled throughout the U.S. and around the world this week — an outgrowth of weeks of protests over entrenched racism in the United States, reignited by the killing of George Floyd in police custody. A few miles north, at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., you can visit a memorial to the nearly 60,000 American service members who perished in the Vietnam War. "Anyone who owns a statue or a monument has the authority to take it down. That doesn’t mean I begrudge the memorializing of American soldiers fighting (as I see it) an unjust war, only that I’d like to see the suffering of others recognized, too. Published on June 12, 2020. In the 1990s, then-Democratic Governor Zell Miller led a campaign to change his state’s flag, which at the time was a 1956 design that included the Confederate battle emblem. Britain Dec 10th 2020 edition. You wrote an encyclopedia entry about the destruction of art in which you wrote that the “perceived legitimacy” of the destruction of art has changed since antiquity. It’s a very satisfying way of attacking an idea — not just by rejecting but humiliating it. Tearing down statues doesn’t erase history Opinion Ella Wall Prichard | July 2, 2020 Three years ago, I wrestled with the news that my great-grandmother’s statue memorializing “Uncle Jeff” had been removed by the City of New Orleans from the site where it had stood on Canal Street since 1911. And so we know from those, oh, that one strategy of rebellion was knocking down a statue in 2700 B.C. Here in Washington, D.C., last night, protesters in Lafayette Square right by the White House tried to take down a statue of President Andrew Jackson. The art historian Erin L. Thompson, a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, has spent her career thinking about what it means when people deliberately destroy icons of cultural heritage. MINNEAPOLIS, MN - On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a group of local BLM activists is marking the birthday of the civil rights icon by tearing down a statue of him. Hardly any of these survived because as soon as regimes changed, as soon as there was war, as soon as someone could steal the statue, it got melted down and made into money or cannon balls or a statue of somebody else. So these are statues claiming that this version of history is the public version of history. Mini-Debates. Last year, for instance, Nike pulled a planned shoe line featuring the Betsy Ross-designed colonial-era flag after a celebrity representative, Colin Kaepernick, complained that the symbol is associated with slavery and racism. It will not bring about systemic change … And then at U.N.C., when protesters in 2018 tore down the ‘Silent Sam’ Confederate statue, U.N.C. It’s a very different context to what is happening now. Many Confederate monuments in the south were erected in the mid-20th century as a sort of protest against civil rights for African Americans. You mentioned that we’re seeing people rebel against the ideas represented by these statues. Tearing down statues risks rewriting American history and forgetting its slavery roots . America Has Problems. High Int. This is a totalitarian political movement and someone needs to save us from it. To quote Mike Chase, a criminal defense lawyer who has written for years about the litany of absurd and unjust federal laws on the books, “Stop tearing down statues. Bose was an Indian nationalist who allied with the Axis powers during the war, even going so far as to meet with Hitler and organize an army of Indians who fought under the Imperial Japanese flag. Our symbols should be inclusive and representative of who we are. PARIS — France will not be tearing down statues or rewriting its history in response to pressure from anti-racism activists, President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday. Many of the statues currently being torn down are not relics of the incredibly short-lived Confederacy at all. View or print PDFs and play audio. You said in a tweet that, when pulling down a statue, a chain works better than a rope. by R. Cort Kirkwood August 24, 2020. The flag was eventually changed in the 2000s (twice, in fact). City of London votes to tear down MORE statues of historical figures linked to slave trade | UK | News (Reports) 0. But since 1996, there has also been another statue—this one honoring African-American tennis legend Arthur Ashe (1943–1993), who grew up and trained in the Richmond area. So I look at these statues as money sinks. Most of them flew these flags not as any kind of political statement about race relations, but because they believed it was connected to their lineage. By Paul Thomas For The Daily Mail. They began to pull until the statue rocked from side to side before falling down at 8:51 p.m. Conservatives have long lampooned liberals as prosecuting a vendetta to erase history. Multiple statues of historical, often colonial, figures were torn down on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, and vandalized with red paint and graffiti, Fox News reports. There are statues from the ancient Near East of Assyrian Kings that have curses carved on them that say ‘he who knocks down my statue, … “The republic will erase no trace or names of its history, it will forget none of its works, it will tear down none of its statues. These protesters are attacking symbols of a hateful past as part of fighting for a peaceful future. Fewer and fewer Georgians remained attached to Confederate symbols as markers of heritage or history. In fact, most defenders of the 1956 flag simply saw it as a familiar part of their heritage and history. The effect of that was to destroy the tourist economy of the modern city of Tadmor, next to Palmyra, which made achieving peace and stability in the region even harder because you now have thousands of people out of a job. The statues were at the state capitol in Raleigh. President Trump and others have speculated about why vandals destroyed a Rochester, N.Y., statue of the prominent Black abolitionist even as protests against systemic racism continue. Tearing Down Statues Won’t Undo History From the Berlin Wall to Confederate monuments, destroying a historic marker means destroying a … They simply place more value than I do in these historical markers of the state’s history, tragically flawed as it is. “This is just dumb now,” another user tweeted in reaction to the news. I’m certainly not advocating for the destruction of all offensive statues in the U.S., in part because it’s very dangerous. Why? Tear them down! Are there other aspects of tearing a statue down that people may not immediately understand or consider? The City of London Corporation’s Policy and Resources Committee voted to remove memorials to William Beckford and Sir John Cass from its medieval Guildhall headquarters. The removal of communist-era statues … “Pres. In Washington, D.C., which also has witnessed protests, vandals defaced a Gandhi statue outside the Indian embassy. (An airport in Kolkata is even named after him.) Ultimately, I believe that Georgia officials were right to change the flag. The protesters tearing down monuments to slaveholders and perpetrators of genocide are often accused of “erasing the past.” But their actions are bringing closer scrutiny on the figures these monuments celebrate — allowing history to be retold from the viewpoint of their victims.

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