Any foreign military aircraft that was interned by Switzerland was held at Dübendorf, including about 120 US B-17s and B-24s, together with one German Me 262. From 1943 Switzerland shot down American and British aircraft, mainly bombers, overflying Switzerland during World War II: six aircraft by Swiss Air Force fighters and nine by anti-aircraft cannons; 36 American and British airmen were killed. [9] In August 2013, after setting several records including a cross-US flight, the aircraft returned to Dübendorf to be placed in storage. LSMD - Dübendorf Air Base Zurich, Switzerland (Infos by Wikipedia) Open current view/airport in an external service: Google Maps;; Close. From 1919 on Dübendorf was also an airport for civil airlines, first for the predecessor of the Swissair, the Ad Astra Aero, and from 1932 on for Swissair. Since 1914 Dübendorf has been used as an air base by the Swiss Air Force. Die speziell ausgebildeten Piloten des Super Puma Display Teams zeigen mit ihrer Vorführung die Dynamik und einen Teil der Fähigkeiten des Super Pumas. The Aeromedical Center (AMC) in Duebendorf is the Swiss center of excellence for the medical and psychological assessment of men and women with regard to safety and performance in military and civil aviation, transport and management. The search for a suitable site for an airfield started in 1909. The Air Reconnaissance Technical Service is the centre of competence for all image intelligence and analysis matters. The military airport hosts one of the Rega bases. civil and militaryK Swissair was based at Dübendorf from ’P(– to ’P)IK After the relocation of the civilian activities to the newly built intercontinental airport at Zurich89 the previously 8 airport became a purely military K Today9 Dübendorf Airport is the air transport base for eastern Switzerland and home to an Air Transport Wings with Die Höhere Kaderausbildung (HKA) ist der anerkannte Hauptanbieter für die Führungs- und Stabsausbildung der Milizkader ab Stufe Einheit sowie für die Ausbildung der Berufsoffiziere (BO) und Berufsunteroffiziere (BU) der Armee. Weltkrieg auf die Schweiz stürzten", "Solar-powered piloted plane makes its first 'flea hop,, Own vomit comet: Swiss make first zero-G flight, Airbus A310 ZERO-G aircraft to log weightless flight from Switzerland airport,,,,, "Zurich base – Swiss Air-Rescue Rega – Emergency number 1414", "Hier hebt der Riesenvogel in Dübendorf ab",, "Die Luftfahrt als Wachstumsmotor für die Volkswirtschaft: Silicon Valley toppt Zürich", "Die IG Zürcher Weltkulturerbe bezweckt den Erhalt des historisch einmalig wertvollen Flugplatzes Dübendorf, der Wiege der Schweizer Luftfahrt, und dessen Kandidatur als UNESCO Weltkulturerbe", "Streit um Landreserve: In Dübendorf wird weiter geflogen", "Aufhebung des Gestaltungsplans «Innovationspark Zürich»",übendorf_Air_Base&oldid=998427589, Articles with dead external links from July 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Air Defense & Direction Center (the peacetime air defense C3 airops center), Skyguide National (military air traffic control), Skyguide (civil air traffic control for Switzerland (except western part of Switzerland, which is monitored by skyguide Geneva) and southern Germany), This page was last edited on 5 January 2021, at 09:42. After World War II, civil aviation moved to the new Zurich Airport, opened in 1948, and Dübendorf became a purely military airfield. Zurich Airport Dübendorf Swiss Air Force Wauwilermoos internment camp PC-7 … Militärflugplatz Dübendorf (ICAO: LSMD) is a military airfield northeast of Dübendorf in Switzerland, located east of Zürich. Current flight activities The Armed Forces Staff supports the Chief of the Armed Forces in carrying out leadership duties. [2] From 1919 on Dübendorf was also an airport for civil airlines, first for the predecessor of the Swissair, the Ad Astra Aero, and from 1932 on for Swissair. Alpnach Air Base is the Swiss Armed Forces and Swiss Air Forces' center of expertise for air transport. The Joint Operations Command is responsible for planning and leading operations of the Swiss Armed Forces. Image Upload Policy: Images must be less than 2 Megabytes in size. During World War II there was virtually no civil flight activity. This scenery is necessary for the use of the NAFU (Omnidirectional Speaking Radiobeacons) modeled in our addon Pilote Militaire Suisse 2 – 1950-1960. Besides, there were 137 emergency landings to May 1945 resulting in about 120 US aircraft that were interned at the Dübendorf airfield. With its shows, both at home and abroad, it has become a trademark for Switzerland, showing the capability, precision and readiness of the Swiss Air Force. Add your own review for Dübendorf Air Base Cancel reply. Also, the Swiss-built fighter jet FFA P-16 took off from Dübendorf for its first supersonic flight. This app shows satellite views of random airports. The Air Reconnaissance Technical Service creates, acquires and distributes images for military authorities. Today Dübendorf AFB is the home of Lufttransportstaffel 3 and Lufttransportstaffel 4 (Air Transport squadron 3 and 4) with Eurocopter EC635, Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma, Eurocopter AS532 Cougar, De Havilland Canada Twin Otter, Beechcraft 1900 and Beechcraft Super King Air. Postfach 1072 [1] On 1 August 1910 geography improvement of the swamp started and on 22 October 1910 the first airshow was held on the Airfield Dübendorf. Hauptmann Nicolas «Vincent» Rossier ist F/A-18-Pilot der Fliegerstaffel 17 und wurde per Airshow-Saison 2017 Hornet-Display-Pilot der Schweizer Luftwaffe. Mr Hanspeter Kürsteiner (SV (Schweiz) AG) [24] The further development of the airfield area was judged to be inadmissible by the administrative court of the canton of Zurich in July 2020 and the cantonal design plan “Innovation Park Zurich” was repealed. observation station: Dübendorf Air Base (442 m) typical weather: Temperature: 0 °C: Wind: 5 km/h: Measured at: Friday, 8. During World War II there was virtually no civil flight activity. Get all the latest news and updates on Dübendorf Air Base only on The air base is one of the three Swiss Air Force air bases from which the air force SAR helicopters are deployed, ensuring that helicopters are operationally ready for search and rescue missions around the clock, 365 days a year. Today, most of the fields are closed or transferred to a civilian use. Dübendorf Air Base duty free Welcome to Duty Free Information, your hub for information on all the duty free and luxury shopping available at the world’s leading airports. In 2020, the armed forces will once again support the civilian authorities in the canton of Graubünden in carrying out security tasks in connection with the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). The permanent Surveillance Wing was established by Federal Council decree on 28 May 1941, with the main task of guaranteeing neutrality in Swiss Air Space. We'll be happy to include your live images! CH-8600 Dübendorf, phone:       +41 44 823 24 72 (office) It is planned to continue using Dübendorf for these flights. Tuesdays (reserve day Thursday) from 8.30 to 11p.m. Since 1914 Dübendorf has been used as an air base by the Swiss Air Force. Current plans are that from 2016 on, only the Air Force will use helicopters at Dübendorf and that the REGA and the Kantons Polizei will have to move their helicopters to the opposite side of the airfield (next to the military helicopter hangars). Dübendorf, Switzerland. Dübendorf Air Base is the home of Air Transport Squadron 3 and an important training site for the PC-7 TEAM. and 1.15 to 5p.m. At the end of 2005, the Surveillance Wing, rich in history and tradition, was disbanded with the introduction of air base structures as part of the armed forces reforms and transformed into the Professional Aviator Corps. The air base, which is important for both the Swiss Air Force and its partner organisations, sees daily flight operations with Super Puma, Cougar and EC635 helicopters. Dübendorf Air Base is the home of Air Transport Squadron 3 and an important training site for the PC-7 TEAM. Random Airports. Stellt die vollumfängliche Stellvertretung des Kommandanten Luftwaffe sicher und führt den Stabsteil Kdt Stv LW. Please contact us on The aircraft crashed into the western slope of Piz Segnas at an elevation of 2540 m. All … The first public parabolic flight in Switzerland with the ZERO-G, with starts from Dübendorf took place on 22 October 2016.[11][12][13][14][15][16]. Dübendorf had been considered for expansion as Switzerland's primary international airport, but the Federal government reportedly preferred the development of a new Zurich airport for dedicated civil use for technical reasons including the difficulties inherent in a shared military and civil facility.[6]. Dübendorf Air Base, the only air base located in Eastern Switzerland, has been the responsibility of Air Base Command 2, Alpnach, since 2008. Links to the corresponding websites of AIR FORCE CENTER: VFL, JU-AIR, AVIATION FLAB MUSEUM, Sim-Center, Restaurant, ANSI-Events, TopMotion, Online-Shop Welcome at - AIR FORCE CENTER, Dübendorf … Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Dübendorf Air Base is also home to a workshop, unique in Switzerland, where specialists repair, maintain and develop equipment for professional groups such as military pilots and parascouts. The entire wiki with photo and video galleries for each article Zurich, Switzerland. Taking turns with other air bases, Emmen Air Base serves as an alternate airfield for all Swiss Air Force aircraft. Read all news including political news, current affairs and news headlines online on Dübendorf Air Base today. Mondays and Tuesdays, 8a.m. Restaurant daylis (no public restaurant) Dübendorf Air Base Airport (LSMD) located in Dubendorf, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland. International security policy and military affairs, Unexploded Ordnance Centre of Switzerland. In 2014, the aerodrome became a civilian aerodrome whose future is still uncertain. Dübendorf Militärflugplatz Dübendorf Dübendorf Air Force Base. From 1919 on Dübendorf was also an airport for civil airlines, first for the predecessor of the Swissair, the Ad Astra Aero, and from 1932 on for Swissair. Aircraft used from Ad Astra A… Dübendorf is, together with Locarno AFB, the home base of the PC-7 Team and the Superpuma/cougar Displayteam. Is your webcam missing on our site? Dübendorf Air Base. wikipedia. [3][4] Repaired by USAF technicians, on 7 September 1945 around 60 US aircraft started from Dübendorf to return to their bases,[3] where they were scrapped.
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