(Woman resting in the field. "Picking Cotton" is one of Erskine Caldwell's earlier short stories, included in We Are the Living (1933), conspicuous for its humorous treatment of the theme—highly controversial, and illegal in a lot of the United States at the time of writing—of inter-racial sex. Crop Corps - NARA - 196473.jpg, Women pick cotton for the U.S. As soon becomes clear, many of these riddles have a provocative content, such as "do you know what is the age of consent?" ), by Wilson & Havens.jpg, The cotton fields of the south. File usage on Commons The first practical cotton picker was invented over a period of years beginning in the late 1920s by John Daniel Rust (1892–1954) with the later help of his brother Mack Rust. 3. (Girls with bale of cotton in the field. See W.H. The point of these teasings and provocations becomes clear when one day they pass a black-haired girl and Gertie tells Harry that on the previous day this girl was paired off with a boy named Dennis, and that at the end of the day she had weighed-in four hundred pounds while the boy had only fifty pounds—clearly implying that Dennis had given away much of his harvest in return for sexual favours, in effect a form of prostitution. Picking cotton in Oklahoma in the 1890s. ), by Havens, O. Pierre, 1838-1912.jpg, Picking cotton. ), from Robert N. Dennis collection of stereoscopic views.jpg, "We'se done all dis's Mornin'." The story begins with a detailed description of working conditions during the cotton-picking season, on Donnie Williams' 500-acre (2.0 km2) farm. Picking Cotton. harvest and. Other inventors had tried designs with a barbed spindle to twist cotton fibers onto the spindle and then pull the cotton from the boll, but these early designs were impra… This PNG image has a thumbnail version at File: Laborers returning at sunset from picking cotton, on Alex.Knox's plantation, Mount Pleasant, near Charleston, S.C, by Barnard, George N., 1819-1902.jpg.. Generally, the thumbnail version should be used when displaying the file from Commons, in order to reduce the file size of thumbnail images. Jake Picking (born 1991), American actor; Jonti Picking (born 1975), British web personality and flash animator Workers prefer the Williamses to other farmers, despite the fact that they pay thirty five cents for hundred pounds while other farmers may offer forty or even fifty cents; this, because the Williamses are unique in offering at dinner "a free, good sized watermelon, for every man, woman and child"—an obvious attraction to those having to do hard work under the hot sun. On some occasions Harry, the narrator, was paired off with an African American named Sonny. Picking cotton is not your everyday type of work, nor is it the type of work that you would choose to do. India was deemed to be the country capable of growing the necessary amounts. Learn more. (Girls with bale of cotton in the field. (Girls with bale of cotton in the field. He welcomed such occasions since Sonny worked as a houseboy to Mrs. Williams and could tell a lot of interesting gossip. The latter as follows- one six year old boy picks one hundred pounds a day. ), by Keystone View Company cleaned.jpg, "We'se done all dis's Mornin'." (Woman resting in the field. In 1951, Big Mama Thornton wrote " Cotton Picking Blues." Mexican boy age 13, coming in from cotton field at noon. Gertie then reveals to Harry that she herself was paired off with Sonny, from whom she got a hundred pounds of cotton. (Woman carrying a bale of cotton on her head. In 1940, jazz pianist Duke Ellington composed " Cotton Tail " and blues musician Lead Belly wrote " Cotton Fields ". Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Picking_Cotton&oldid=900389873, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 June 2019, at 10:34.
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